Svetlana ID 185
Age 58
Birthday 1959-10-10 Libra (September 24 - October 23)
City Sevastopol
Height 165 cm (5'6")
Weight 63 kg (138 lbs)
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Auburn
Drinker Socially
Smoking No
Marital Status Divorced
Number of Kids 2
Children boy 1884
girl 1987
Education Some College
Profession the head of the depot in a military unit
Languages English intermediate
Nationality Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
About Myself Iím cheerful and funny, kindhearted,
attentive, well-disposed, and very
optimistic.My house is always clean and
cozy:) I enjoy going into the woods for
BBQs. And I love pets and animals. Iím
especially fond of cats.
About Him I want him to be reliable, responsible and
caring, cheerful, kind, understanding and
What I Like I love watching gymnastics and figure
skating.I also enjoy reading books....
Preferred Age 50 —

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