Anastasia ID 225
Age 34
Birthday 1986-11-18 Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)
City Sevastopol
Height 164 cm (5'6")
Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Eyes color Hazel
Hair color Black
Drinker No
Smoking Yes
Marital Status Never married
Number of Kids 0
Children NONE
Education student
Profession student
Languages English intermediate
Nationality Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
About Myself Iím just a student now but I consider
myself as a real personality. Iím not a n
ordinary girl, Iím a special one and so I
usually follow my impulse and it doesnít
matter for me what society will say.
About Him I need someone how will take care of me. My
friends tell that Iím like a balloon and
sometimes this balloon needs strong rope. I
hope it will be you. I want that our love
will make distance between our countries
shorter. I think that our relationship will
be more then friendship, love and passion.
I will do my best to create the best couple
in the world but I need your help. What do
you think? Letís try!!! Why not?
What I Like I like dancing, riding and as for sports, I
like watching football matches
Preferred Age 28 — 55

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