Nadejda ID 308
Age 45
Birthday 1976-04-17 Aries (March 21 - April 20)
City Sevastopol
Height 178 cm (5'11")
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Eyes color Green
Hair color Blond
Drinker Socially
Smoking No
Marital Status Divorced
Number of Kids 2
Children boy 1996
girl 2001
Education Some College
Profession designer
Languages Russian excellent
English good
Nationality Ukrainian
Religion Russian Orthodox
About Myself single mother, good wife... I can be a four
types of a woman – wife, mother, little
funny girl or a hot tigress in bed... and
it`s all in one… Can you handle that?:)
About Him I seek a guy who is dynamic type of guy,
funny, active, generous, with a good sense
of humor and caring... I would prefer him
to be a good driver as this is very
important to me. The thing is that I
believe that the way a guy drives a car
that`s exactly the way he makes love. So
you understand how much this is
important:)) Well, basically he should be
just a gentleman and appreciate me as a
queen:)) So where are you, my king???))
What I Like yoga, cooking, baking pies, doing fitness,
reading magazines, listening to music
modern. I am into bands and performers like
Depeshe Mode, Robbie Williams, Beoynce and
Amy Whitehouse. I love traveling and gazing
at the world which helps me in creating new
designs and that has been so far my muse.
But I seek for my male friend muse too)
Well, I also love jogging, swimming in cold
water or taking a cold water shower, eating
healthy, going to sushi bar, oh, and of
course red and black caviar…
Preferred Age

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