Svetlana ID 345
Age 55
Birthday 1967-04-11 Aries (March 21 - April 20)
City Sevastopol
Height 172 cm (5'9")
Weight 79 kg (173 lbs)
Eyes color Hazel
Hair color Blond
Drinker only light wines, even no shampagne
Smoking No
Marital Status Divorced
Number of Kids 2
Children girl 1985
boy 1986
Education Some College
Profession economist
Languages Russian excellent
English intermediate
Nationality Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
About Myself Loyal, loving, sexy, balanced, calm, one
man lady, down to earth, good car driver,
kind to a fault, with a GSOH, very clean
and keep the house clean too:)
About Him I seek an understanding type of guy...I
tend to believe that if a man understands
me I can give him all myself... The looks
are not that very important, but his brain
is what that can excite me:) I seek a clean
guy who is not into drugs or alcohol and
preferably not a smoker.
What I Like growing home plants, sewing. I love pets,
especially feline like cats, tigers and
lions:) watching comedies, singing karaoke
with my friends. I still love playing
volleyball and basketball. I used to play
it professionally. I am also into playing
big tennis or ping pong:)
Preferred Age

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