Valentina ID 78
Age 61
Birthday 1961-01-14 Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)
City Sevastopol
Height 170 cm (5'8")
Weight 74 kg (162 lbs)
Eyes color Hazel
Hair color Black
Drinker Socially
Smoking No
Marital Status Divorced
Number of Kids 0
Children NONE
Education higher
Profession teacher
Languages English excellent
Nationality Ukrainian
Religion Russian Orthodox
About Myself I am a kind person, appreciating family
values. I want to take good care of my
future husband (including making passionate
love to him on hot nights:), I want to pour
all my loving and tenderness on to him. I
want a solid family so that we could share
both the good and the bad times together.
I want to love and be loved!!!!!!! Are
you out there??????
About Him I am seeking a man who is reliable, kind ,
sincere, genuine, family oriented. The one
who wants to create a solid family with me.
What I Like I like watching figure skating competitions
on TV, reading, listening to the music,
travelling, going to the cinema, gardening,
growing plants at home.
Preferred Age

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