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8th of March - Women`s Day. What`s that? And how do people usually celebrate Women`s Day?

Are all the Ukrainian and Russian ladies so beautiful as they look?

Could you please tell more about your agency?

Do you screen the ladies on your web site?

EMAILING TO LADIES ON brides2love.com

Emailing. What are the translation fees?

FAQ. How soon does admin respond to customer`s request?

FLYING INTO SEVASTOPOL/CRIMEA/UKRAINE Can you advise me how to get to Sevastopol by plane.

FOREIGN CURRENCIES IN FORMER USSR. I will be visiting Ukraine and Russia soon and I would like to know if I can use my credit card. Or should I bring cash?

How do I get into Sevastopol, Crimea since this is part of Russia now?

I am a well known person and I would not want the rest of the world have access to my profile and pictures.

I just wanted to thank you. I met a beautiful lady through your service. It`s amazing how many beautiful ladies in Ukraine and Russia are looking for love and marriage.

RUSSIAIN COURSE. I plan to stay in Ukraine for over a year and I need to be able to converse with my spouse and her family in their language. Can you teach me?I already know some words like pojalysta and psibo. How soon will I progress?

VISA ISSUES I am planning a trip to Ukraine and Russia. Can you give me your advice concerning visa issues to these countries.

What are the services that you offer?

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