Hello Brides2love staff. I really like your service. I `ve kown you for some time and you `ve been extremely helpful. Thank you. I will keep using your service. John, Ca.

posted 2005-11-25


I am glad that you finally launched your web site. Your service is great! I will be coming soon to meet my lady thourhg your service. Steve, Oakland

posted 2005-11-25


Your service is very good, very friendly and cheaper than other services. Thank you. Michael.

posted 2005-12-20

Simon, LA  

I just wanted to thank you. I met a beautiful lady through your service. It`s amazing how many beautiful ladies in Ukraine and Russia are looking for love and marriage. Simon, LA. USA.

posted 2006-03-14


I just want to thank your for you wonderful service that you give me. You are more than professional with your business, because I can see you care about your customers.. Thanks again, Kim

posted 2006-04-23


Hi to all brides2love.com! I`ve known you for a long itme already and am glad you know that this week I am getting married to the most beautiful girl in Sevastopol. Thank you for everything! George and Elena Montreal, Canada

posted 2007-03-10


To customer services/admin:- 10/6/08 From Ron and Tanya Shrimpton I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that my new wife and I will not require your services any longer as I have met and married the most beautiful Russian/Ukrainian lady from Sevastopol and we are very happy. We would like to thank you for the services of this site that have been an excellent professional lifeline and for your help, support and brilliant translation, e-mail and communication services that have enabled us to develop such a strong relationship. We know that we were made for each other and look forward to our life together in the UK making music (musicians!), bringing up our families together and making plans for a successful and fulfilled future – thank you all ! (and we wish all of your other customers the same success and happiness that we have found). I have attached some pictures from our marvellous wedding in Crimea last week. Would you please remove all of our general details and pictures from the site for Ron Shrimpton (ID: 266) and Tatiana Velichko (ID: 215), many thanks. We would be happy to recommend your services to others. R.Shrimpton & Mrs T.Shrimpton COUNTRY: Great Britain, Derbyshire

posted 2008-06-11


I want to thank you for the great trip to your beautiful city, I must add a city with many beatiful ladies. I wanted to say all the people were so nice and helpful. Your agency really made things easy for me. And I must add the interpreter Lena was very professional and knowledgable, and went out her way to assist me with anything, and the ladies I met all were very pretty and charming. Thank you once again. Jeremiah. USA

posted 2008-12-10

Eric, Georgia, USA  

Seeing each other on video, and hearing each others voice helps both of our hearts to cross the distance and the time that we are apart from each other. Eric

posted 2009-05-10

Eric, Georgia, USA  

I just wanted to tell you that every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day is a beautiful wonder to behold with Elena in my life. Eric

posted 2009-04-20

Harald, Norway  

About Russian Skype Online Course: Hello Anna!! The lesson was very nice)) Zorina is a very good and ispiring teacher!! I hope I will learn this)) the phonetic part is not so hard,its the alphabet that`s a bit confusing,but I am motivated and I will get there. Thank you, I am down in my studies now,Spasiba bolsjoy: ))))Ну, я очень мотивированным, его просто меня уже некоторое время, чтобы найти слова, и мои слова сумма не столь велика, но я решил сделать это, чтобы поблагодарить вас за веру в меня)) - this translation is done after just 3 Russian lessons!

posted 2009-05-11

Markus, Switzerland  

About Russian Skype Online Course: Hello, the lesson was great! I had fun, and it seems to me that it is a useful system which will give me what I need when travelling again to Ukraine. Thank you for providing this great possibility to learn Russian!

posted 2009-07-14

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